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Top Street Style Trends Of 2020

Street style today is one of the most compelling fashion trends that exists not only on catwalks but also in our everyday life (which makes it particularly appealing). Street style has always about wild statements and bold changes of outfits. However, today, in the face of so many global problems such as coronavirus, climate change and political instability, street fashion started to move away from excesses in favor of simple, relaxed, and practical apparels that make one feel comfortable and easy. However, it does not mean that street style has nothing to surprise us with in store. In this article, we will provide a quick overview of street style trends for 2020. 

A white dress for all seasons

It has been a silent rule for many decades in fashion that every woman should have a small black dress in her wardrobe. Despite the fact that black dresses still remain timeless classics, they stepped back for a while to give way to a new street style trend – a white dress. It might sound rather strange, taking into account that a white (especially lace) dress has always been associated with bridal apparel. However, the trend is gaining popularity. New street style fashion claims that you can wear a white dress in whatever season you want – just choose the right fabrics to avoid getting cold in winter.

Eclectic look

Street style has always been famous for its contrasts. Alongside with the previous trend for simple white dresses without any decorative elements, there appeared a fashion for eclectics. This season is marked with the abundance of vivid colors, bold combinations of accessories, mixed prints, and highly personal designs. In other words, you can actually combine whatever you want if you want to be a rule breaker.

Short hemline

After many years of flowing, romantically looking gowns and skirts and strict midis, in which a lot of designers took inspiration, it seems quite logical that hemlines continue to rise towards summer. Street style fashion makes a focus on tiny skirts that show maximum length of your legs and are aimed to create a liberated look. This kind of sensuality (that can hardly be called new) suddenly looks fresh in combination with baggy tops.

Tonal look

This season, there are no particular colors or thematic palettes in trend. However, there appeared a common approach to color combinations: you should select one color and layer it from head to toe. However, do not mix it with a monochromatic trend. It is not about boring one-color looks – it is about matching different tints of one basic color. For instance, you can combine shades of white and ivory. 

Knee-high boots

Although there are hardly any restrictions in the choice of boots, leather knee-high boots evidently win. It is a kind of way to winterize your summer dress or jeans. There are such boots for any taste, whether you prefer classical or equestrian vibe. However, always check that the leather is light enough for you to avoid getting too hot!

Animal prints

Leopard spots that used to be popular once are not strongly associated with bad taste. However, street style made use of other animal motifs and prints. Now, you can see a lot of outfits with snake prints or zebra stripes. It is curious that such clothing can come in acid colors (quite different from those of real animals) and in natural ones. Go ahead and combine cool animal-printed jackets with your street style leather boots.

Beige and brown 

Beige is a special color that manages to stay in trend for many season. This summer is no exception. Street fashion dictates to opt for richer, earthier tints of beige and brown, with a particular focus of such shades as caramel, chocolate, and cognac. At the same time, it is strongly recommended to forget about nude beige for this season.

Al-leather sets

Despite the fact that leather has never fallen out for fashion, street style today offers you a very bold solution – all-leather kits. It is an outfit that looks particularly bold now that climatic problems and animal-protection activism are particularly acute topics. So, if you are against natural leather, you can easily use its faux leather analogues.

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