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Things You Need To Buy To Look Like An E-Girl

The e-girl trend, which was born in TikTok, has been gaining enormous popularity, especially with teens. The prototypical e-girl has evolved from a person dressed in a particular way to an entire aesthetic, combining appearance, make-up, clothes, manner of behavior, etc. The ‘e’ in the e-girl is connected with all kinds of online activity: she can be a blogger, a cosplayer, a gamer, or a TikTok fan. In terms of appearance, an e-girl is typically associated with childish face, freckles, colorful hair or wigs, hair clipe, winged eyeliner, and cute outfits, which make an e-girl resembe a Bratz doll. So, if you have also decided to become an e-girl, we are here to provide you with a list of must-haves for your new image.

1) Puffer jackets are ubiquitous among e-girls. Typically, they are layered over hoodies a classic sweatshirt. The preference is given to oversize models.

2) Oversize tees are considered particularly sexy. E-girls intentionally choose XXL shirts with very slim bottoms to create a contrast between comfortable and sexy wear. In the majority of cases, such shirts have cartoon prints or names of popular brands on them. However, one-color tees are also acceptable.

3) As is has already been mentioned, merch clothes are among e-girls’ favorites, especially hoodies. Same as tees, hoodies are typically oversized. As for patterns, they can reflect the owner’s music preferences or be decorated with pet pictures and cartoon characters.

4) Pleated mini skirts. Are you fond of mini? E-girls do not hesitate to show their slim legs. In this case, classical designs are preferable, which create a nymphet look.

5) Owing to e-girls’ love for short skirts, their legs are almost fully undressed. To keep them warm, e-girls wear leg warmers, which perfectly match their skirts and allow wearing them in cold seasons too. It is possible to wear leg warmers over leggings, but it is considered to be super cool to put them on bare legs.

6) As far as shoes are concerned, e-girls prefer platform sneakers, which they wear almost on any occasion and in combination with any clothing. Matched with leg warmers, such sneakers create Bratz contrast with a fragile, thin body. E-girls say that chunky shoes make them feel energetic and powerful.

7) Lug-sole converse are particularly admired by e-girls for their great silhouette and universal nature (they can be combined with almost any outfit).

8) E-girls like sewing colorful patches on all their stuff, especially on pants and jackets. They believe them to be a perfect accessory that makes them stand out from the crowd. There is no restriction in number – you can have as many as you want.

9) Beanies play one of the crucial roles in creating an e-girl’s image. If you scroll through any e-girl’s page, you will see that almost all of them wear beanies with all kinds of apparel.

10) Accessories such as phone cases also matter a great deal. In the majority of cases, e-girls opt for those that are approved by their influencer (a music star, a model, etc.).

11) Wigs have become an inseparable element of the e-girl style. E-girls easily change their hair style from curls to rainbow-colored ponytails. Almost every e-girl has a whole collection of different wigs, in hundreds of hair styles and colors.

12) Ponytail colorful elastics from the 90s are back in the e-girl fashion. You can use a lot of them at the same time, particularly if you have long hair.

13) If you are going to join e-girls team, remember that jewelry is an essential part of its aesthetic. Since e-girls want to stand out, they often opt for bold jewelry pieces, such as razor blade pendants, making a hint to their mental instability and tendency for self-harm. Chains, chokers and rings are also very popular and can be worn in various combinations.

14) Have you noticed that almost all e-girls have cute black hearts under their eyes? It has already become their distinctive sign. In fact, if you are not good with makeup, you can use a tattoo stamp, which most e-girls actually do.

15) E-girls wearing pants often use white chains in bulk. Such chains are customizable in length.

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