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How to Select a Perfect Bag that Will not Leave You Disappointed

No matter how much attention you pay to your clothing, you still cannot deny that having a huge collection of bags is a real fashion dream of almost every woman. However, if you are not unlimited in budget and time, each bag in your wardrobe should be chosen wisely and carefully to make you happy for long years. But how to select a bag that will not disappoint you in several months? In this blog, we will give you a couple of useful tips that will help you with this challenging task.

The first step when you choose a new bag is to check whether it is really comfortable to carry. This rule especially concerns bags that you are going to carry throughout the day. Your everyday bags should provide you with the necessary level of comfort: they should not slide off from your shoulder and should not cause any unpleasant feelings under your arm. So, if you like this or that bag, try it on and walk with it for a couple of minutes. That would be enough to decide whether you feel fine. However, don’t forget that later it will be filled with all sorts of staff, which will make it considerably heavier.

Logically enough, your bag should not be super-heavy. The weight of the bag depends on the materials it is made of. Natural leather is lighter than faux leather. Also, if there are a lot of metal details, such as zippers and decorations, they can make a bag much heavier.

Always remember about pockets. Here, tastes can differ a lot. Some women prefer having a lot of departments inside and outside, while others opt for an empty void. There is also an in-between option with a central divider pocket only. Before choosing a bag, you should think what you want from it in terms of pockets. For example, do you need small ones for your keys or phone? Do you need bigger once for your tablet, reading glasses, or your cosmetic bag? Choose carefully.

Take your time and check if all zippers work properly. Despite the fact that some women prefer open bags, it is more reasonable to choose bags that can be closed up or zipped. If you drop your bag in a public place, none of its insides will fall out.

Pay close attention to the design. Think twice whether this particular bag will match your style, figure and color palette of your wardrobe. If you cannot afford buying hundreds of bags of all possible colors and designs, opt for a neutral color and more classical design.

Make your bag universal. There are bags that are created for particular purposes (such as small clutches) but there are also those that you buy for regular use. The latter should be versatile in its design, which implies that it should match a lot of different clothing pieces, be soft, spacious enough, and be easy to clean.

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