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Basic Rules On How To Match Sneakers To Your Clothes

If you trace the evolution of sneakers, you will be surprised to discover how they gradually turned from shoes reserved for track and field events to the key fashion component of our wardrobe. There is a whole deep history behind all the well-known brands that led to the appearance of a huge selection of models that we can choose from today. Indeed, nowadays, there is a pair of sneakers for almost any dress and occasion. No matter if you prefer retro, minimal, high-top, boho, athleisure, or any other style, you will definitely find something to your taste. However, despite the growing popularity of sneakers, not all people know how to combine them with different outfits to make a stylish look. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this blog, you will find a quick guide on how  to match your sneakers to your clothes.

1) The first and the most basic rule is to keep it simple. Even if you are great fan of sneakers, always remember about keeping a good balance as it is really easy overdo it with sneakers. For example, if you are attending a smark casual even where every guest is wearing elegant shoes, while you are wearing your favorite pair of sneakers, you might easily go overboard, So, balance your look with an appropriate outfit. Try to avoid wearing sneakers with business suits. If you wear something in the smart casual style in your office, minimal sneakers can be a good match.

2) The second rule is to select the right trousers. A wrong pair of trousers can spoil the look even of a perfect pair of sneakers. Always pay attention to a cuff width. If it sits too wide, it will cover your sneakers entirely. Ideally, you should balance the width of your cuffs with the size of your sneakers. It is also crucial to remember about matching the model of your trousers with your sneakers: slim fit ones go best with sneakers that hug your feet, while straight leg trousers look cool with chunky sneakers.

3) The third thing you should not forget about is your socks. If you are not sure about the choice of socks, opt for some proven combinations that make your outfit match seamlessly to your sneakers (now, there are a lot of socks that are invisible). Of course, you can go multicolored at times, but do not do it on formal occasions.

4) Dress down if you wear a pair of statement sneakers. In other words, if you want people to pay attention to your sneakers, choose simple colors and patterns in clothes to ensure that your feet will leap to the eye.

5) Experiments with style combinations should be well-thought. You can create a really stylish look by going high and low, thereby demonstrating a great sense of self-confidence. If you want to create a sharp and bold contrast, you can combine contemporary clothes with retro sneakers or vice versa. The only rule is not to overdo.

6) Buy a pair of minimal sneakers. No matter how many pairs of statement sneakers you have, minimal sneakers are one of the most useful thing in your wardrobe. Such models can go with a variety of different outfits and create simple and elegant look.

7) The price of your sneakers should match the price of your clothes. Despite the fact that it is now acceptable to match things from the mass market with designer items, you will still look ridiculous if you wear expensive designer jeans with a cheap pair of sneakers. It does not mean that you should be fixed on brand names but a sharp contrast will attract negative attention to your look.

8) Know when you should keep it casual. If you are among those who enjoy high-top sneakers, you should be attentive to the choice of matching clothes. They typically work well with jeans, jackets, flannels and casual shirts. Try to keep it casual.

9) Leave your sneakers at home when they obviously don’t suit the occasion. No matter how much you love your sneakers, they are not dress shoes. So, if you are in doubt, it is much safer to prefer classic shoes.

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